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Whether you want life insurance to help cover final expenses or help build a legacy for your loved ones, a term or permanent life insurance policy can help you do so.

Permanent insurance provides lifetime coverage at a fixed rate. Term insurance is well suited to meet large face amounts, short term protection needs and most often at the lowest initial cost, for example insuring a mortgage.

How much does life insurance cost and how much do you need?

    You'll want to make sure your debts are covered, so you don’t leave major expenses behind for your loved ones to settle. You should consider your income, net worth, other life insurance you may have, monthly expenses and debts.

    The cost of life insurance depends on the type of coverage you choose, generally term insurance is cheaper than whole-life insurance. Other determinants are; age, sex, health,  gender, tobacco consumption. Compare prices of life insurance companies offering the same product features.

    To protect your family financial future and buy peace of mind, you should always consult with a Financial Security Advisor (life insurance broker).

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