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    No medical exam life insurance, simplified issue life insurance and life insurance 50 plus fall under the same category of products. They require no medical exams nor medical reports.

    Group Financier Unibec works with all major Canadian life insurance companies to offer you the best rates on No Medical Life Insurance plans.

    To qualify for simplified life insurance you need to answer "no" to the medical questions provided. Easier to qualify than regular issue, as the questions are broader, the underwriting is deemed special issue.

    Insurance company questionnaires differ and prices vary so why risk paying more! We'll compare your profile with the company questionnaires and get you the best deal!


    Guaranteed issue life insurance, no health health questions life insurance, guaranteed acceptance life insurance and no denial life insurance are products designed to offer life insurance to the most difficult to insure.

    We can help settle your life insurance and save you money

    No medical questions are asked and no one is denied coverage. Most insurance carriers offer a maximum of $25,000 of coverage per insured, very few offer up to $50,000.

    No denial life insurance products all come with the same restriction, during the first 24 months of coverage should death occur other than an accident, the insurer will reimburse the premiums paid generally, with interest.

    The death benefit restriction is lifted on the 25th month of coverage.


    Breakdown of No Medical Life Insurance Plans.

    Which life insurance product is best suited to meet your needs, Term or Whole-Life

    • 1

      Simplified Issue Term Insurance

      Simplified Issue Term Insurance is a type of life insurance plan that doesn't require a doctor’s visit, medical report or medical exam.
      Available to applicants from ages 18 to 65. The premiums are guaranteed for a predetermined period of ten years, twenty years or twenty-five years. The insurance amounts offred frange from $25,000 to $500,000.

    • 2

      Simplified Issue Whole-Life Insurance

      Offered between the ages of 18-80. The Face Amounts offered range from a minimum of $5000 to a maximum of $500,000$. Amounts many vary due to age.
      To qualify you need to answer a medical questionnaire.
      The sum insured and rates are guaranteed for life. Whole-Life insurance products offer surender values whereas Term to age 100 products don't.

    • 3

      Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance

      Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance policies require no exam or health questions. Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance guarantees your acceptance for coverage, regardless of your health history. Coverage amounts range from $5,000 to 50,000.
      You may select between:
      1- plans that offer guaranteed fixed premiums and coverage amounts that will never decrease.
      2- plans that provide lower initial premiums but that increase every 5 years.

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