There are 4 types of permanent life insurance policies, learn how whole life insurance works.

Permanent life insurance is designed to provide lifelong coverage. Whole life insurance offer fixed premiums, guaranteed death benefits and are designed to build tax deferred cash value.

Premiums for whole life insurance can be much higher than premiums you would pay initially for the same amount of term insurance, yet the amount is much less than the premiums you would eventually pay if you keep renewing your term insurance policy.

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Term to age 100 is the most affordable type of permanent life insurance coverage

What is term to age 100 and how does it differ from whole life insurance?

Term insurance to age 100 is the cheapest form of permanent insurance. It's consider a "pure" insurance coverage as it offers lifetime coverage at a fixed rates but accrues no cash values. Should you decide to surrender your policy, you will get nothing in return, unlike whole life.

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Non participating whole life policies

Whole life insurance is designed to provide coverage for the life of the insured. Whole life policies generally offer fixed premiums, guaranteed death benefits and are designed to build a tax deferred cash value.

You can choose to pay up the policy in 20 years.

Participating Whole Life Insurance

A participating whole life insurance pays dividends. The dividends represent the favourable experience of the insurance company. Dividends cane be paid in cash,used to reduce the your insurance payment, left to accumulate at a specified rate of interest or used to purchase paid-up additional insurance.

The additional paid-up life insurance will increase your sum insured and the value of the cash value of your policy.

The policy can be paid-up in 20 years and you are entitled to continue to receive dividends as long as the policy is in force.

Universal Life Insurance Policies

Universal life insurance policies combines permanent life insurance protection with the option to accumulate tax-deferred growth.

You can choose to pay within the minimum and maximum premium indicated in your contract. The minimum premium is required to keep your policy in force. Any amount in excess of the minimum is invested in the various funds in accordance with your investor profile.

Which permanent life insurance best fits your needs.

Compare Universal life insurance with whole life or Universal life with term to age 100.

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