Term life insurance is the product of choice when considering low cost insurance, large face amounts and a predetermined duration

Most insurance companies offer 10 and 20-year term insurance plans. They may be excellent choices in many situations they do come with some risk if you need to renew the coverage.

Don't underestimate how long you'll need the coverage for. When considering term insurance, think long term.

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The Canadian reality regarding debt and life insurance needs.

Many Canadians will need term insurance coverage throughout their prime working years. Baby boomers are carrying debt into retirement as they are healthier, more active and spend more than previous generations.

10 and 20-year term insurance

The most popular and cost efficient insurance plans but they do come with some risk, should you need to extend the coverage at the end of the chosen term. You'll face higher costs as your age increases and your health changes.

Some insurance companies offer an exchange of term with no medicals required. For example a 20-year to a 30-year term insurance, but you'll pay the cost of insurance based on your age at exchange.

Most life insurance carriers offer a conversion to a permanent insurance plan before a specified age, example age 70. That said the older you get, the higher the cost of insurance.

25-year term, 30-year term and beyond

The longer term insurance plans offer an extended coverage plan at a slightly higher cost that shorter term plans. The premiums are much lower than having to renew the coverage. They provide the same policy features as 10 or 20-year term policies.

Term to age 100 life insurance

A permanent insurance plan that offers lifelong coverage at a fixed premium. It's considered a term plan it doesn't build any cash values. Should you surrender the policy you get nothing in return.

Term insurance is an excellent choice for many but you need to evaluate your insurance needs.

To make an informed decision speak with a Financial Security Advisor (life insurance broker) as premiums paid overtime add-up.


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